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Mayme Baker Studio is a progressive, dynamic Interior Design firm that has served the Greenville, SC and surrounding areas for more than 18 years. Not long ago, MBS made the decision to sell many of the boutique items that they showcased at their brick and mortar shop, online. While they were able to launch the shop and get their products online, there was no cohesive plan to market and sell their items online. The path to purchase seemed disjointed from the rest of the website and Mayme’s breadth of quality Interior Design picture galleries often went painfully unnoticed.


Our planning sessions produced a new information architecture which combined the main website, blog and eCommerce platform, seamlessly. We migrated over 870 skus from their old shop to Shopify, a new eCommerce platform that was better suited to handle the needs of their diverse product collections. And we chose to design the site using the most sophisticated responsive design and development technologies ensuring it shows up as intended from iPhone to 27 inch monitor.


Whether it’s selling product, or marketing Mayme’s exemplary design track record, we believe the new website to be a worthy representation of Mayme’s time-tested, sophisticated offerings. While the website only launched in early August 2013, the SEO plan has already reaped rewards resulting in a documented increase in ranking in both local and product keyword phrases. TWG will be working with Mayme and team to continue to market their products and services through Search, Social & behaviorally targeted ad networks.

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eCommerce Website Design | Mayme Baker Studio | Homepage

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Responsive Web Design | Mayme Baker Studio | About Mayme Baker Subpage

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eCommerce Product Page | Mayme Baker Studio | Shopify

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