The Reserve at Lake Keowee

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Lake Keowee, South Carolina


The Reserve at Lake Keowee is a breathtaking lake community located minutes from Clemson, SC. Driven by the need for more qualified leads for its sales staff, the community had instituted its own Google AdWords campaign with mixed results.


TWG instituted a multi-tiered, geo-targeted Google Adwords campaign with keywords that focused on the community’s stronger selling points. We avoided generic, less-targeted searches and implemented multiple ad groups with titles and over 1,000 corresponding keyword strings. Users were directed to custom landing pages, with strategic calls to action that were specific to their search and expanded on the message that brought them there.


» Cost per click down 50%
» Leads from keyword campaign doubled
» Cost per lead cut in half
» 6 sales in 1 year directly attributed to keyword campaign

Tools We Used

Search Marketing, Google Adwords, Landing Page Development, Digital Marketing Optimization Retainer

Landing Page

Reserve at Lake Keowee - Search Marketing - Google Adwords

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