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The Whitaker Group | Small Business Marketing
As a small to medium-size business, we know you aren’t interested in an advertising or marketing solution that doesn’t offer tangible benefits to your bottom line.

Painting a pretty picture of your company or building a nice website is a great start, and integral to the marketing and sales process, but it simply isn’t enough. You need an accountable marketing strategy that reaches your core target customer base with laser-like precision, integrating the right message, and driving them to your desired action…whether it be a lead through your website, an online product purchase or a phone call.

And you neeed it to be accountable. You need to know if it’s working and what can be done to constantly make it better. In 2012, no marketing or sales plan is complete without the use of real-time data tying in these efforts to your bottom line.

We get it.

The Whitaker Group has a proven track record of implementing accountable, transparent, results-driven internet marketing solutions that takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and provides real value to your bottom line.

Let’s start a conversation to discuss how The Whitaker Group can help your company’s business.

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