Announcing Two New Website Launches | Vann & Liv and Net Profit Advisors

We’ve been super busy since the new year, but we’d like to take a moment to announce the launch of two new client websites. Vann & Liv and Net Profit Advisors are both live and we’re very pleased with the outcome of each.

Vann and Liv | eCommerce Web Design, Development & Digital Marketing

Services Rendered
Responsive Web Design | Web Development | eCommerce Development | SEO | Keyword Buys | Re-Targeting Banner Ads | Social Media Marketing | Shopify eCommerce Development

Vann & Liv

Vann & Liv, a dynamic online retailer for chic children’s clothes and apparel, is a business crafted by three Greenville sisters that has generated quite a bit of buzz in their time on the web. Limited on many fronts with their old eCommerce infrastructure, they sought a new website that offered a more progressive, aesthetically pleasing design that rendered capably on all devices. They also needed a system to better manage their inventory and a comprehensive, full-scale digital marketing plan to drive buyers to the site with a focus on product purchase and conversion.

We migrated nearly 250 products and over 1,000 SKUs to the Shopify platform. With an enhanced, responsive design, their website has been transformed into one that is reflective of both their choice service and premium products.

We’ve recently implemented a full-scale digital marketing campaign addressing social media, search marketing (SEO and Keyword Buys) and provided an infrastructure where their products are seamlessly pushed to Google Shopping, Amazon Products and many other online shopping platforms, straight from their eCommerce store.

Our social media campaign has resulted in nearly 2,000 new Facebook fans, and overall web traffic has nearly tripled in the course of the last three months. Since site launch, they’re on record pace with both web traffic and online sales. We’re sticking around with Vann & Liv as their digital marketing partner to ensure their momentum continues into the next phase.

Wordpress Web Design, Development & Digital Marketing Strategy | Net Profit Advisors

Services Rendered
Web Design | Web Development | SEO | Custom WordPress Design & Development

Net Profit Advisors

The design and development of the Net Profit Advisors website, a leading asset based lending & business advisory firm, was one founded on diligent planning, creativity and collaboration with our client. During the process, we immersed ourselves with everything Net Profit to strategize, design, write and develop a develop a new website to meet the expectation of both parties. We designed and developed a custom WordPress website, that included a state of the art, four-tiered application process for prospective Net Profit clients.

Basing our construction on keyword analysis and search marketing research as well as analysis from industry competitors, we delivered a site that was highly optimized, on-time and on-budget. We’re going to hang around with Net Profit as well to ensure all of their goals are achieved.

Please take a look at these sites, and you can also view our gallery and case studies for more examples of our work.

Why Email Marketing Still Rules

Why Email Marketing Still Rules

In the marketing world, there has been a lot of talk in the past few years about new channels, specifically social media and search marketing. And with good reason. These are exciting inbound marketing channels that are a boon to lead generation, client acquisition and client retention. I’ve personally seen tremendous return on these channels for my clients and it’s likely that very few marketing plans are complete without competent strategy & implementation in social and search.

But recently, marketers and business leaders seem surprised that email marketing (still) tends to trump these mediums in many industries, when it comes to ROI & lead generation.

(Politics aside, obviously) But if you need proof that email is still alive and kicking, just look at the Obama campaign’s stunning fundraising success using email. This Bloomberg Businessweek article details the extremely analytical testing process that Obama’s email team used to determine which subject lines, content, calls to action, and email formatting would bring them the highest return in donation dollars. The results: “Most of the $690 million Obama raised online came from fundraising e-mails.”

What does Obama’s success mean about the state of email marketing?

“Most people have a nearly limitless capacity for e-mail and won’t unsubscribe no matter how many they’re sent. ‘At the end [of the campaign], we had 18 or 20 writers going at this stuff for as many hours a day as they could stay awake,’ says [Obama campaign email director] Fallsgraff. ‘The data didn’t show any negative consequences to sending more.’”

A recent B2B Marketing Magazine study found that 42% of marketers name email as their one of their most effective channels for lead generation. And, the Direct Marketing Association reports that email has a higher ROI than any other marketing method, at an average of $39.40 in revenue for every marketing dollar spent.

But a sound email marketing strategy doesn’t happen over night & it requires more time to implement effectively than most other marketing channels. It requires:

  • A sound list of attentive prospects, clients & customers procured through organic means. (Anyone who has tried leasing email lists will tell you that.)
  • Equal parts diligence & restraint in nurturing your list.
  • A proficient messaging, promotional & editorial strategy.
  • Clarity on the action you want your recipient to take.
  • QA to ensure your emails are being received, read & are in accordance with all of the email regulations in place.
  • Testing, testing, testing. Clients & marketers alike will often be surprised with the type of messaging that resonates with its recipients.

To make sure that you’re optimizing your email marketing, first focus on building a great list of customers and prospects who have expressed interest in hearing more from your business. Anyone can like or follow you on social media, but if a contact gives you the express permission to be in their inbox, you should consider it a privilege and an opportunity.

5 Traits of a Successful Business Website

5 Traits of a Successful Business Website

Effective websites share a lot of the same key traits. But it doesn’t matter how big your business is or what industry you serve. Whether small or large, or you’re in tech, real estate, finance, B2B or law, your website needs to do a few things well (and in today’s world, do them quickly):

In my experience, effective company websites follow these 5 best practices:

1. Quickly identify your target audience.
Immediately clarify who this business is for and why they should pay attention. Depending on your business, this could mean integrating your customer’s:

  • Geographic location – Are you a local or regional business? Do you serve customers in one specific area? Doing this will also be a boon to your search & local SEO efforts
  • Demographics – Incorporate your customers’ interests, industry or background, needs, age, etc.

Stanton Law Firm's website establishes their target market immediately.

In this instance, Stanton Law has made it clear through its headline, graphics & supplemental copy that they serve high-level executives & business owners. Ideally, you want your customer to know within a few seconds that this website is speaking to them.

2. Define yourself clearly – What’s in it for your customer?
Name your products and services in the most specific way possible. Do you offer three main services? Do you have a clear set of best-selling products? Define and detail them. Your customers want to know what you can do for them, and they don’t want to hunt through pages and pages of information to find out. Statistics bear this out.

Define Yourself Clearly - Ledbury Makes High Quality Shirts

Ledbury makes it clear on their homepage in the top left corner of the site, (where the human eye naturally starts) that they make quality shirts that ‘fit better, feel better & last longer’. The crisp and classic imagery supports this message.

3. Build your credibility
Think about your most loyal customers. Why do they love you? Whatever the answer, it needs to be communicated on your website. You can show your credibility using your long history of success, testimonials from happy clients, examples of your awe-inspiring work, or a video of your respected CEO. Your website audience probably doesn’t know you already, so give them reasons to trust you.

Miron Properties builds credibility with a page-long list of glowing customer testimonials - for each agent.
Miron Properties builds credibility with a page-long list of glowing customer testimonials – for each agent.

4. Demonstrate your value.
Your website is an opportunity to communicate not only what you do, but why you do it. Explaining the why behind your products and services – your company’s cause – helps customers connect to your business in a real, emotional way. Need inspiration? “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” featuring Simon Sinek. Sinek demonstrates the importance of working with people who believe what you believe. The first step? Knowing and communicating the important “why’s” that guide your company.

5. Provide clear calls to action.
Any website that doesn’t define what they want their customer to do & also provide a clear path to do it is likely leaving a lot of money on the table. Don’t leave your customers hanging. If you’ve built a great website, you don’t want your customers to click away without taking action. Give them an easy next step to more information, a newsletter signup, a product or property search, or an online purchase. And it’s never a bad idea to incentive them do it.

In this instance, the site owner has defined a clear call to action in the form of a contact form.

This real estate website encourages users to digest information about a property, and then offers them an easy contact form to request more information from the agent.


When in doubt, err on the side of simplicity. Clearly define your company and your customer, but don’t bog your audience down with too much information. If you’re a service-based industry or specialize in offline sales, give your customer just enough information so that they will need to contact you for more. For online sales, provide a clear path for purchase.

Are you looking for help creating, designing, optimizing or promoting your online presence? Let’s chat.

Introducing The Whitaker Group

It is with much excitement that I announce the launch of The Whitaker Group, A Digital Marketing Firm in Greenville, SC. At the Whitaker Group, we believe in the power of the web to connect our clients with their target customers and generate business.

The Whitaker Group | Logo | Digital MarketingWe design and build websites using all the latest technologies. We launch SEO & keyword buy campaigns centered around lead generation and online sales. We generate branding and identity campaigns. And, we can grow your fan base on social media networks. But where we truly excel: bringing it all together to produce coordinated, comprehensive internet marketing campaigns that are dedicated to producing tangible, bottom-line results.

Who We Are

At its core, The Whitaker Group is me, Brian Whitaker, a digital marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience. In my professional career, I’ve worked at a lot of great places. Most recently, I’ve worked as Founder, Partner & Director of Digital at The Skyline Group & Fuel Marketing in Greenville, SC.  I’ve produced results for a host of different clients. And now I’ve assembled a firm that focuses on my sweet spot: implementing targeted & accountable digital marketing campaigns & generating business through the internet.

Like any good contractor, I have assembled a passionate, skilled & deliberately specialized group of Senior-Level-Only marketing professionals dedicated to producing great work in their field.

My job is to make it all sing in a seamless, efficient & accountable way that best benefits our clients – and their bottom lines.

Who We Work With

» If the description below fits you or your company, we think we could be a good fit.

  • You’re doing great work or producing a great product – and you want your target customers to know about it.
  • You like to see hard data that ties marketing budgets to tangible results.
  • You hate seeing marketing dollars thrown out the window.
  • You want to outperform your competitors.
  • You’re looking for a marketing firm that’s as passionate about your business and your results as you are.

Our Founding Tenets

  • We love working with clients that are talented and passionate. Helping our clients realize goals makes us happier than anything else.
  • Not everyone is a fit. If we don’t think we can help, we won’t take the business. Simple as that.
  • We expect our business relationships to be fair and profitable for everyone involved.
  • We promise to: Be honest. Be direct. Be fair.

Next Steps

We’d love to hear about the marketing challenges that you’re facing and discuss how the Whitaker Group can help. You can contact me directly at or by calling 864.631.5617.

In the meantime, learn more about The Whitaker Group by visiting our website, browsing our work and our results and reading our blog.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.

I look forward to hearing from you.