It is with much excitement that I announce the launch of The Whitaker Group, A Digital Marketing Firm in Greenville, SC. At the Whitaker Group, we believe in the power of the web to connect our clients with their target customers and generate business.

The Whitaker Group | Logo | Digital MarketingWe design and build websites using all the latest technologies. We launch SEO & keyword buy campaigns centered around lead generation and online sales. We generate branding and identity campaigns. And, we can grow your fan base on social media networks. But where we truly excel: bringing it all together to produce coordinated, comprehensive internet marketing campaigns that are dedicated to producing tangible, bottom-line results.

Who We Are

At its core, The Whitaker Group is me, Brian Whitaker, a digital marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience. In my professional career, I’ve worked at a lot of great places. Most recently, I’ve worked as Founder, Partner & Director of Digital at The Skyline Group & Fuel Marketing in Greenville, SC.  I’ve produced results for a host of different clients. And now I’ve assembled a firm that focuses on my sweet spot: implementing targeted & accountable digital marketing campaigns & generating business through the internet.

Like any good contractor, I have assembled a passionate, skilled & deliberately specialized group of Senior-Level-Only marketing professionals dedicated to producing great work in their field.

My job is to make it all sing in a seamless, efficient & accountable way that best benefits our clients – and their bottom lines.

Who We Work With

» If the description below fits you or your company, we think we could be a good fit.

  • You’re doing great work or producing a great product – and you want your target customers to know about it.
  • You like to see hard data that ties marketing budgets to tangible results.
  • You hate seeing marketing dollars thrown out the window.
  • You want to outperform your competitors.
  • You’re looking for a marketing firm that’s as passionate about your business and your results as you are.

Our Founding Tenets

  • We love working with clients that are talented and passionate. Helping our clients realize goals makes us happier than anything else.
  • Not everyone is a fit. If we don’t think we can help, we won’t take the business. Simple as that.
  • We expect our business relationships to be fair and profitable for everyone involved.
  • We promise to: Be honest. Be direct. Be fair.

Next Steps

We’d love to hear about the marketing challenges that you’re facing and discuss how the Whitaker Group can help. You can contact me directly at or by calling 864.631.5617.

In the meantime, learn more about The Whitaker Group by visiting our website, browsing our work and our results and reading our blog.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.

I look forward to hearing from you.